Report: Lost ‘doctor Who’ Episodes To Be Released Online This Week

40 Percent Of Doctor Practices Unsure About Obamacare Exchanges

Just in time for the show’s 50th anniversary, it’s appearing increasingly likely that some of the mythical “lost” episodes of the BBC’s Doctor Who have not only and see this here been recovered, but may even be released online this month. our editor recommends BBC Unveils ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary TV, Radio Programming Lineup More than a hundred episodes of the long-running science fiction series from the 1960s and ’70s had been thought to be permanently lost due to a then-contemporary policy of destroying or wiping videotape and film of existing programming in order to create storage space for newer content. Who was far from unique in this; many other BBC series from the same period suffered similar fates, although Who has the distinction of having audio recordings of all of the missing episodes, thanks to the diligence of fans at the time of the original broadcasts. STORY: ‘Doctor Who’ at 50: Peter Capaldi and the 12 Men Who’ve Played the Doctor Following expansive research and restoration efforts — not to mention the occasional lucky discovery — only 106 episodes of the show were believed still to be lost, barring any number of rumors claiming their discovery. This weekend, however, such rumors took on new clarity with the Radio Times reporting that some of the missing episodes had been found in Africa and would be released, digitally remastered, on iTunes this week.
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